This function is performed in the Nortech International business division.

The immediate line of responsibility is to the CEO.


This post involves leading a team of software engineers and developers in building applications that enhance Nortech’s ability to compete in the global industrial electronics market. The diverse range of Nortech’s products means a wide skill set needs to be employed to ensure the most effective available technologies are brought to bear on the tasks at hand. The Software Development Manager is required to oversee project management, ensure development is completed on time and within spec and advise at a design level on choice of architecture and implementation. Daily responsibilities involve mentoring and assisting with technical queries and advising on performance and stability criteria for mission-critical applications across a wide range of software platforms and languages.


  • Minimum BSc Degree in Engineering
  • > 10 years working experience in a engineering software development environment
  • Solid programming experience in both Object Oriented and Scripted languages
  • Solid relational database experience in design and writing queries using SQL
  • Experience managing software projects
  • Experience with low-level computer architecture
  • Experience with complex binary data protocols involving CRC
  • Exposure to best practices for real-time application development with zero down time
  • Proven history of designing, building and maintaining such applications
  • Ability to plan a project accurately given a complete specification
  • Ability to plan and design entire system architecture
  • Ability to lead multiple large-scale projects
  • Ability to motivate a team to achieve goals and meet deadlines
  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with departments within the company
  • An eagerness to embrace change and previously unused technologies
  • A responsible, self-motivated individual driven to meet deadlines
  • A meticulous individual with significant attention to detail


  • Liaising with Customers, Sales and Marketing on new projects
  • Liaising with Operations Department for maintenance and support of existing projects
  • Liaising with Hardware Department on firmware design, performance and protocol
  • Mentoring staff in delivering applications to specification, on time
  • Writing and/or approving technical specifications for new applications
  • Writing and/or approving protocol documents
  • Conducting code reviews to ensure best practices are followed
  • Researching new technologies and their potential impact on Nortech
  • Advising on appropriate design and coding methodologies
  • Ensuring adherence to ISO procedures, and updating same as needed
  • Managing project delivery through regular meetings and feedback sessions
  • Monitoring code quality and software stability
  • Providing technical support and training
  • Travelling to customers for commissioning and/or training

Activities connected with the Job

The following activities will be undertaken in pursuance of the job functions:


% Time spent

  • Project planning, staff mentoring and administration


  • Departmental Interfacing & Management


  • Technical Documentation


  • Actual Design & Product Development


  • Technology Investigations & Innovation



The interpersonal roles within the organisation will be:

  • To liaise with the Software Engineers and Software Developers
  • To liaise with the Hardware Department
  • To liaise with the Sales and Marketing departments
  • To liaise with Operations Department
  • To liaise with the General Managers

Success in the function is more objectively measured by:

  • The ability to accurately plan projects to meet all specifications and requirements
  • The ability to shuffle resource to meet the deadlines set out in the project planning phase
  • The quality and durability of products designed by the Software Department
  • The ability to speedily resolve problems arising
  • The ability to interface with other departments within the organisation
  • The efficiency and productivity of the software development team

The candidate appointed to this position will be expected to:

  • Be creative to innovate solutions and solve technical challenges
  • Manage himself/herself with little supervision
  • Produce results in line with commitments and agreed objectives

A copy of the full job description is available on request.

(EE/AA preference will be considered)

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Pietermaritzburg

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