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  • Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    Nortech’s superior hardware is complemented by best in class, intuitive software and data analytics platforms that allow convenient access to an asset’s performance from anywhere at any time. It presents accurate, real-time data you can trust, empowering key stakeholder with valuable insights regardless of power outages or computer crashes. We strive to preserve and protect…

  • People Counters

    People Counters

    Nortech HeadCount counters are superior and mechanically stable hardware that detect people’s movements regardless of variable factors such as height and size differences, light and shadow effects, differing speeds and direction of movement. Our counters operate effectively, even in areas with high levels of activity comprised of complex movements. Certain applications require different hardware options…

  • Monitoring racks

    Monitoring racks

    If you need a comprehensive and accurate vehicle information resource, Nortech Traffic Roadside Traffic Monitoring Racks are your solution. Easily integrated into other systems or operating as stand-alone products, our elaborate racks are easy to set-up and extremely reliable. Whether required for Classification, Data Recording, Tolling, Incident Detection, Enforcement or more specialised applications. We have…

  • Card Detectors

    Card Detectors

    Nortech Traffic card detectors are the obvious choice in applications by virtue of their inherent reliability, accuracy and compact design. These compact card detectors are ideally suited to traffic control, incident detection, traffic enforcement and tolling applications. They are available in dual, quad, 8 and 16 channel variants. Each of these variants are available in…

  • Box Detectors

    Box Detectors

    Nortech Traffic box detectors range from single to quad channel and are housed in compact ABS housings with industry standard connectors. These are available in 12- 24V DC, 120V AC and 230V AC input power requirements and have comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems. Direction, headway and speed…