Category: Monitoring racks

  • OEM AVC Racks

    OEM AVC Racks

    Nortech Traffic is a technology partner to various OEMs and capable of supplying and supporting the algorithms on offer from these OEMs. The OEM AVC algorithms provide superior accuracy using inductive loop technology, covering both single and multi-lane configurations while accounting for vehicle straddling and high-congestion scenarios. This solution will work in all traffic, light…

  • IR300 Rack

    IR300 Rack

    The IR300 is a rack-based system aimed at Weigh In Motion (WIM) and Vehicle Detection (VD) applications. Accurate vehicle categorisation is dependent on using vehicle length, axle parameters and axle weight. The IR300 solution utilizes inductive loops and piezoelectric sensors in various configurations as required by the version employed. It provides incident detection in addition…

  • The IR200 Rack

    The IR200 Rack

    With the Nortech Traffic TD664 inside, the IR200 Intelligent Vehicle Loop Detector is a reliable and accurate vehicle detection system with low maintenance costs. The IR200 collects, stores and reports on multi-lane traffic data comprising of individual vehicle data events or average flow data relating to traffic volume, speed, length category, vehicle headway and percentage…