Category: Card detectors

  • TD424 Detector

    TD424 Detector

    Designed for ease of operation, the TD424 4-channel inductive loop detector allows parameters to be individually set for each channel. As a presence detector, it provides a continuous output whilst a vehicle is present in the detection zone. With Eurocard OR ANSI/NEMA, Standard TS1, Part 15 connectors, it offers discrete detector outputs, logic outputs as…

  • The TD724 Detector

    The TD724 Detector

    This high performance 4-channel, microprocessor-based inductive loop vehicle detector is an invaluable component in any 3M AVC system. The high-end sampling algorithm provides extremely high levels of sensitivity enhancing the axle loop capability of 3M AVC. The TD724ID Eurocard detector complies with TR0100A/TR2512A UK Highways Agency pin configuration for motorway use.

  • TD664 Detector

    TD664 Detector

    The TD664 4-channel inductive loop vehicle detector combines functionality and value offering greater sensitivity and higher performance. The Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS) makes set-up a breeze because the detector automatically chooses the best frequency setting on start-up, evaluating 8 possible frequency shifts. The TD664ES inductive vehicle detector is fully electronically tunable and can be configured…

  • The TD624 Detector

    The TD624 Detector

    Developed for general purpose vehicle monitoring and counting in motorway applications, the TD624 4-channel inductive loop detector employs the latest SMT construction for increased reliability and low component count. The optimised response times facilitate the collection of accurate speed and length measurement data. The optimised sensitivity levels allow adjacent lane rejection and elimination of interference…

  • TD908/916 HS Detector

    TD908/916 HS Detector

    The TD916/908HS is specifically designed as a traffic detector and has customised performance characteristics which make it ideal for road vehicle detection. The TD916HS is a 16-channel microprocessor-based vehicle detector, incorporating the requirements of the ANSI/NEMA Standard TS1, Part 15 (1989), where the TD908HS is the 8-channel equivalent of the TD916HS with the same form…