Category: 7 Series detector

  • DU700 Diagnostics Unit

    DU700 Diagnostics Unit

    The DU700 is a hands-free low energy Bluetooth diagnostic unit which is compatible with the Nortech 7 Series. The unit attaches to the faceplate of the detector and acquires pertinent diagnostic data via an optical link. This data is displayed via the DU700 Diagnostic mobile app interface which provides feedback related to the detector loop…

  • DIN Rail Housing Variant

    DIN Rail Housing Variant

    A notable shift away from the industry-standard 11-pin relay base interface had been observed within the parking detector market. To address this shift and subsequently address market need, the 7 Series DIN Rail mount variant was released. This variant is a result of coupling of the same functionality of the industry-standard variant with the ease-of-installation…

  • 7 Series Detector

    7 Series Detector

    The Nortech 7 Series detector was designed in response to market demand for a more cost-effective, plug-and-play solution. From an evolutionary perspective, the 7 Series incorporates Nortech’s novel Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS) feature simplifies installation in multi-lane access control applications. The enhanced Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB) ensures reliable detection of all vehicular combinations and sizes…