Category: People counters

  • LIVE! Safety

    LIVE! Safety

    HeadCount LIVE! Safety is intrinsically and exclusively dedicated to measuring the live occupancy of an asset to consequently manage the occupancy thereof both safely and effectively. Measure occupancy and manage the risk to ensure your patrons’ safety.

  • Nortech LIVE! App

    Nortech LIVE! App

    The only thing better than live asset performance data, is live asset performance data on the go. Nortech LIVE! replicates all user-configured dashboards and presents it users in an intuitive and user-friendly app. LIVE!  therefore, provides users with critical performance and trend-related insights on the go and in real time.

  • Nortech LIVE! Dashboards

    Nortech LIVE! Dashboards

    In response to the Big Data trend, these customizable and configurable data dashboards display data pertaining to the performance of multiple sites in real time. Real-time data insights enable real-time reaction to critical trends occurring within the asset, thus facilitating better management thereof.

  • 3D Intelligent Sensor

    3D Intelligent Sensor

    The 3D stereoscopic sensor embeds data capturing, stereo vision analytics and deep learning technology into one single device, which represents state-of-the-art technology and next generation video sensor for people traffic intelligence application. Compared to other 3D sensors, its patented technology based on deep learning renders it superior in accuracy as it incessantly improves its count…

  • Talus


    Nortech HeadCount’s Talus is the ultimate floor-mounted people counter. Our patented neural-network-pattern recognition algorithm only counts people; other objects such as prams or shopping carts are excluded. No matter the conditions, this tallying titan will consistently and reliably offer real time data at a high standard of <1% inaccuracy.