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  • IdentiGuide


    Nortech IdentiGuide directs drivers effortlessly to available spaces – giving you 80% of the benefits of a full parking bay monitoring system at only 10% of the cost. By installing IdentiGuide’s accurate real-time entrance, level and zone guidance, you can ensure drivers park quicker because they are guided to areas with available spaces. Driving directly,…

  • Server Based Software

    Server Based Software

    IdentiPark software manages the guidance system, ensuring the information from every device in the network is received, controlled, stored and disseminated correctly. The information is made available in real-time and presented in a user friendly, graphical representation of the site. The use of a central database allows for easy and quick generation of reports. The …

  • Overhead Counter

    Overhead Counter

    The IdentiPark Overhead Counter (IOC) units utilize the same hardware as the Bay Monitoring Sensor but have been optimized to count vehicles within the parking facility from an overhead vantage point. These units are connected in pairs and provide an alternative detection method in lieu of the more intrusive IdentiPark Vehicle Counter. These units are…

  • IdentiPark Vehicle Counter

    IdentiPark Vehicle Counter

    The IdentiPark Vehicle Counter (IVC) is employed as the vehicle counting platform within the IdentiPark system via a maximum of four 4-Channel input cards. The IdentiPark Vehicle Counter facilitates two methods of counting: AB logic, which is used in lanes that accommodate bi-directional vehicle flow. The other is N+1 logic which is used in lanes…

  • Guidance Equipment

    Guidance Equipment

    Nortech IdentiPark directs drivers to available parking spaces via ultrasonic bay monitoring sensors which are installed above every bay in a covered facility, and intelligently detects the presence of a vehicle. The real-time status of the bay is displayed by a cluster of LEDs onboard the sensor. Additionally, directional arrows and numeric message signs inside…

  • Intersection Guidance Display

    Intersection Guidance Display

    The Intersection Guidance Display (IGD) comprises configurations of green arrows or a red cross which act as visual cues to guide drivers and their respective vehicles to vacant parking bays in the facility. The arrows are used to indicate the direction drivers should go to find a vacant bay. This is done via the system…

  • Numeric Message Sign

    Numeric Message Sign

    The Numeric Message Sign (NMS) indicates the number of available parking bays in a specific zone or level, allowing a driver to make a pre-emptive decision as to whether they want to park in that zone or level before they enter. The indication of occupancy can be improved either through the use of a circle/cross,…

  • Bay Occupancy Display

    Bay Occupancy Display

    The Bay Occupancy Display (BOD) is suited to applications where the BMS may be obscured from the approaching vehicle. In this case, a BOD is installed in the driving aisle to indicate the status of one bay or a group of bays. It is an intelligent display which utilizes ambient light sensing technology to adjust…