• Accurate counting - a critical tool in managing the visitor experience. Accurate people counting is the only real way to measure the success of your business effort.
  • Accurate real-time baseline - Nortech headcount is the baseline measure to which other complementary technologies should be added. Experience an audited 99% accuracy*.
  • Real-time data you can trust - our software ensures you get sound and healthy data in real time so you can see what is happening right now!
  • Customized executive insights - highlighting critical trends, our insights inform key stakeholders so they can gauge the success of actions taken; as well as plan, prioritise and focus to further improve overall performance.
  • Complete peace of mind - our superior, mechanically stable hardware is matched by our software system. Data is backed up remotely and our support team is available 24/7/365.
  • Data in your pocket - enjoy convenient access to critical trends at a glance on our new WebIt app.