Every successful company has an ethos by which it lives and a set of core values guiding it. The following values are the essence of Nortech’s identity:

We are fanatical about our customers . They come first in all that we do. Mistakes are inevitable, but we hold ourselves accountable for every action in the pursuit of constant improvement. Effective planning allows us to optimise our work efforts so we can work smartly and with urgency. We strive to deliver quality without compromise in all stakeholder interactions. Nortech is eager to embrace change, be it accepting change or implementing change. To avoid placing pride over progress we must not be afraid to ask questions. The people behind the global Nortech brand must be the brand by ingraining these values into all we do. When we communicate properly, our thoughts and activities are co-ordinated, ensuring optimum results. True fulfilment results in renewed enthusiasm. It is, therefore, important to do what you love and love what you do. Finding that elusive balance between work and play is the key to success - so have fun, do good and success will follow.