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Nortech IdentiGuide directs drivers effortlessly to available spaces – giving you 80% of the benefits of a full parking bay monitoring system at only 10% of the cost.

By installing IdentiGuide’s accurate real-time entrance, level and zone guidance, you can ensure drivers park quicker because they are guided to areas with available spaces. Driving directly, rather than having to search, not only reduces frustration levels and emissions (and carbon footprint) but dramatically enhances the parking experience to ensure visitors always return.

Proprietary Nortech IdentiGuide vehicle counters are installed at the entrances, exits, ramps and internal zones of open and covered parking facilities. Our IdentiPark software then calculates the available spaces for the facility, levels and zones in real time and controls the guidance displays to ensure an unparalleled parking experience at this price level. All vehicle movement data is captured in a database with Insight Reports that can be used for audit purposes and in the planning of maintenance, renovations, expansions, cleaning and security.

Incorporating technology that made Nortech HeadCount the leader in people counting, IdentiGuide is the modular parking foundation that can be expanded to a full IdentiPark System.


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