Nortech IdentiPark is an intelligent and intuitive parking guidance system that ensures visitor traffic at the shopping centre flows smoothly even on the busiest days, so you can fill your parkade down to that very last bay. Thus increasing shoppers in the centre by up to 15% at peak times.

IdentiPark will change the way your shoppers experience your centre as it helps them park quicker by creating a better flow of traffic; therefore, getting more people shopping faster.

Only Nortech IdentiPark GUIDES drivers to available parking spaces.

The ultrasonic bay monitoring sensors, installed above every parking bay in a covered parking facility, make it possible to detect the absence or presence of a vehicle. The real-time status of the parking space is displayed through a cluster of coloured LEDs onboard the bay monitoring sensor.

Our software continually analyses the parking occupancies and applies sophisticated algorithms to ensure vehicles in flux move freely and do not cause unnecessary congestion. This is achieved by setting “frustration factors” that automatically close off levels when they are “full” when compared to other levels, encouraging drivers to park on the quieter levels.

Directional arrows and bay monitoring sensors provide visual cues, so vehicle congestion is reduced and customers can move into the shopping centre sooner. By parking quicker they have more time to spend shopping in the centre.

The system can even sense when vehicles are milling about on a level looking for parking and direct new arrivals to levels where more parking bays are available.

You can customise the IdentiPark system in many ways, including: integrated counting solutions, flexibility in installation, comprehensive reports and the ability to interface with 3rd party equipment.


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