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8 Series Traffic Detector

The power of a rack – boxed. This is how we describe our latest flagship Traffic detector, the TD8 Series. We believe that when it comes to superior, accurate and reliable traffic detection, the TD 8 series truly does take all. Boasting enhanced functionality and superior performance packed into an unprecedented smaller form factor, it truly is our most powerful detector yet. Configurability is now flexible because installers can “mix and match” outputs with channels because channels are no longer hard-wired to outputs. Nortech’s Automatic Frequency Selection algorithms have been refined and optimised resulting in simplified setup and installation. The all-new Sync Bus drastically reduces cross talk between loops – enhancing accuracy considerably. Wireless detector configuration and diagnostics is facilitated by the new and improved DU800 unit which interfaces with the detector via a WLAN link which presents configuration and installation verification information to users via the Nortech Inter8 mobile app. The Nortech Integr8 mobile app – available for download from your respective app store – presents configuration and diagnostic information in an intuitive, easy-to-read format.


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