For a complete and accurate vehicle information resource Nortech Traffic Roadside Traffic Monitoring Racks are your solution. Easily integrated into other systems or operating as stand-alone products, our elaborate racks are easy to set-up and extremely reliable. Whether required for Classification, Data Recording, Tolling, Incident Detection, Enforcement or more Specialized applications we have a range to fulfill your specifications.


With the Nortech Traffic TD664 inside, the IR200 Intelligent Vehicle Loop Detector is a reliable and accurate vehicle detection system with low maintenance costs. The IR200 collects, stores and reports on multi-lane traffic data comprising of individual vehicle data events or average flow data relating to traffic volume, speed, length category, vehicle headway and percentage occupancy. It can monitor 32 loops (16 lanes) at vehicle speeds up to 200km/h.

The Nortech ARM9 processor has been designed with ITS applications in mind. It runs an ARM9 CPU mounted into a standard Eurocard sized carrier. It has the ability to communicate with up to 8 detectors via serial communications to provide a vehicle detection sub-system for integration into ITS applications. An external host computer is able to access information by interrogating the processor via the various communications options available on the front panel.

Remote access via our easy-to-use web browser interface allows rapid configuration, real-time incident detection, real-time viewing of traffic and host communication data, extensive fault diagnostics and logs.

The IR200 uses the TRRL HIOCC algorithm to monitor traffic occupancy per lane on a second-by-second basis and provides traffic incident alarms calculated from configurable alarm variables stored on the IR200 processor.

IR200 is fully compatible with existing IR100 installations and is a simple drop-in replacement.

Typical Usage:

  • Incident Detection
  • Data Recording
  • Special Applications

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Accurate vehicle categorisation is dependent on using vehicle length, axle parameters and axle weight.
The IR300 solution utilizes inductive loops and piezoelectric sensors in various configurations as required by the version employed. A single detector has 8 inductive loop and 8 piezoelectric sensor channel inputs.

A temperature probe facilitates weight adjustment for temperature-induced piezoelectric error, ensuring reliable information from the system.

Our Variants

  • IR300/I ­ Incident Detection
  • IR300/C ­ Vehicle Classification
  • IR300/B ­ Binary Weight
  • IR300/W ­ Weigh in Motion (WIM)

There Are Two Size Options

  • 19”: Maximum capacity of 4 detectors giving a total of 32 inductive loops and piezoelectric sensor inputs.
  • 1/2 19”: Maximum capacity of 2 detectors giving a total of 16 inductive loops and piezoelectric sensor inputs.

The IR300 has 4 GB of non-volatile memory on board to store PVRs (Per Vehicle Records). Connectivity to the IR300 is available via RS232 and Ethernet interfaces. An FTP server provides PVR acquisition for both real time and historic events. In addition, the Ethernet connectivity facilitates an NTP time synchronisation function to ensure the on-board clock remains accurate, crucial for linking PVR data to video footage or ANPR systems.


  • Vehicle Detection
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Vehicle Loaded / Unloaded
  • Vehicle Weigh in Motion (WIM)
  • Vehicle Dual Tyre Detection
  • Vehicle High Occupancy


  • Overweight vehicle monitoring and enforcements
  • Verification of heavy vehicle optimal load distribution
  • Recording and monitoring of daily road usage.
  • Policing of unauthorised vehicle road access, can trigger to ANPR automated infringement system
  • Monitoring of heavy vehicle routes
  • Surveying and counting of traffic for operational pavement management
  • Pre or Post freeway tollbooth price verification based on class of traffic
  • Pre-set Response Selection: Photograph / Hazard Display / Driver Advisory Signs

Typical Usage:

  • Incident Detection
  • Data Recording
  • Special Applications

Download the Technical Specifications


Nortech Traffic is a 3M AVC Technology Partner capable of supplying and supporting the various algorithms on offer from 3M. The 3M AVC algorithms provide superior accuracy using inductive loop technology, covering both single and multi-lane configurations while handling vehicles straddling as well as high congestion. This solution will work in all traffic conditions, all light conditions and in all weather conditions.


  • Tolling: counts and classifies to mandated requirements by varying toll agencies giving up to a 99.5% accuracy.
  • Shadow Tolling: accurate vehicle length measurement. Works where there is no culture of conventional tolling.
  • Intelligent Vehicle Detection: used for bus priority with no "in vehicle" technology required.
  • Data Recording: classifies according to profile, axle count and configuration, giving up to a 95% accuracy.
  • Speed, Red Light Enforcement and Tunnel Monitoring: Can be used to set off triggers/alerts based on predefined rules, such as speeding, prohibited use of roads and lanes for certain vehicles, vehicles travelling in the wrong direction in a lane.
  • Incident Detection: detects single stopped vehicles in low traffic volumes.

Typical Usage:

  • Enforcement
  • Incident Detection
  • Data Recording
  • Tolling
  • Special Applications
  • Urban Intersection Control: Prioritisation